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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tidy Tuesday - Commercial breaks

I am embarrassed to admit that I like to watch The Bachelor every Monday night.  (I know, I judging  :)  )  Last night I was feeling especially guilty for "wasting" time like that so I decided to use the commercial breaks to be productive.  During the breaks, I folded two loads of laundry, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, made four dozen cookies, made phone calls for my church assignment, and tidied the living room.  Not bad and I didn't miss any of the juicy details of my show.  :)

We often think that we need large blocks of time to accomplish something but who has large blocks of time?   If you have problems keeping up with the household chores, try seeing what you can get done in little bursts of five or ten minutes.  You might be surprised! 


  1. I used to say that I had my house COMMERCIALly cleaned!!! LOL!!