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Monday, March 4, 2013

Kids and gardens

Hard work pays off!
Kids and gardens go together like...well, dirt and water  :)  This is the perfect time to start planning a garden with your that they can play an active part in.  Whether it's a pot or container on a porch or deck or a part of the family garden or their own little plot, the benefits of letting your children grow something are far reaching.

Children as young as three or four find great enjoyment being a part of the growing process, watering and weeding and watching over their flowers or vegetables.  Older kids can start with the planning stages to choose the plants, prepare the soil, plant the seeds or transplants and see the process through to harvest.

Good plants to start with are radishes and lettuce (they grow really quick),  beans and tomatoes (hardy and most kids like them) and herbs.  Chuck and Lilly really liked growing herbs last year because we bought varieties that smelled wonderful, like chocolate mint and pineapple basil (they were also extremely prolific).

Containers are perfect for herbs.
From their experience growing a garden, children learn stick with a project when the rewards are not immediate.  They experience the natural consequences if they neglect their plants.  They get up close and personal with nature...bugs, insects, worms etc.  Children get exercise and physical activity from working outside in the garden.  They will usually eat the veggies they grow...even straight off the plant.  And best of all, they spend time with their family, tending the garden and beautifying their surroundings.

It's still too early (for most areas) to begin planting but it isn't too early to start planning.  Involve your kids and let them discover for themselves just how satisfying growing a garden is.


  1. I love the pics. They REALLY make me want to get started, right now! ;)

    1. I thought you'd like them :) By the way, what is the plant K is standing by?