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Friday, March 15, 2013

Follow Through

What's the difference between an effective parent and an ineffective one?  Follow through.  When a parent does what he says he's going to, consistently, a child knows what to expect.  It's especially useful when the parent doesn't give a lot of "chances" for the child to fix his behavior.  Giving "chances" only prolongs the problem because the child knows that he can get away with his misbehavior until it's obvious that the parent is at the end of her patience.  Then, of course, the child complies.

Also, don't make threats that you know (and he knows) you won't carry out.  Don't tell your misbehaving child that you're going to sell him on ebay.  :)  Sure, it's funny but it sends mixed messages.  Mom doesn't always say what she means.

What this means to you, the mom, is be careful what you tell your children.  Your child should be able to know that what Mom says she'll do, she will.  Swiftly.  Every time. 


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