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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A safe haven for our children

Tragedy, either by accident or by evil intent, seems to be more commonplace these days.  It can be very difficult to comprehend how unpredictable life really is.  If it's hard for us to understand, think how hard it is for our children.  Often the magnitude of an event isn't known to them but they can sense the worry or anxiety of those around them.

Our children need to feel secure in our love and in our homes.  Whatever tragedy a family (or the country) faces, it is our responsibility to provide that safe haven for our children.  However devastated, worried or upset we feel on the inside, they need to see us act in a reassuring manner.  That often requires a tremendous amount of self-control on our parts but is so important for our children.  They need to know that we will take care of them, whatever happens. 

Life comes with no guarantees that it will be painless or trouble-free or even long.   But we do know that it can be full of joy and happiness when it is shared by those we love. Never take your family for granted.


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