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Monday, April 8, 2013


Some moms have the misguided although well meaning idea that correcting their children will bruise their fragile ego or self esteem.  While the idea is commendable, generally, it doesn't hold up in real life.  Children are more resilient than we give them credit for and when treated with love and consistency, they understand the reason for correction (even if they won't admit it) and do not resent their parent for it.  This is not to say that children aren't affected by harsh, belittling or extreme behavior on the part of their parent. There is no place for that...ever. 

Our children are young and will make mistakes...many of them.  They will do things we don't like.  They might even throw tantrums.  Don't take it personally.  Instead of over-reacting with anger or roughness, act with calmness and firmness and show your child, by YOUR example, how THEY should behave.  They'll get the idea.  Maybe not the first or second time you correct them, but it will get through.


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