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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creativity Chuck style :)

Chuck and his iPad  :)
Oh my goodness...cutest story ever!

Chuck loves his iPad but his mommy and daddy are concerned about how much time he spends playing zombie games on it.  So, yesterday Daddy deleted all the non-educational games from it and left only the learning games.  Chuck was not happy.

This morning Mommy discovered him sitting on the couch, contentedly playing his favorite zombie games.  He'd downloaded them!  Now Daddy wasn't happy so he took the iPad away.

Mommy got busy doing other things and then looked over to see Chuck "typing" happily with the "iPad" he'd made with legos. :)  He spent the afternoon "downloading his apps" and playing them just like he always does!

I guess you can take the iPad away from the boy but you can't take the boy away from the iPad.  :)


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