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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tidy Tuesday - What's in a word?

I overheard my husband talking with a friend about some of the changes we've made in our home.  I thought that our goal had been to de-clutter but I found out that my husband's goal has been to "compress" his possessions.    There is a HUGE difference in meaning of those two words.  While I've been trying to get rid of as much as possible, he's been trying to find ways to fit as much as he can into whatever space he has available.  Now it all makes sense!  No wonder I've been frustrated with him  :)

If you choose to keep everything you've ever owned and compress it all into the tightest space possible, you will be able to hold an awful lot of stuff but I promise you that it won't be easy to get to if you ever want to use it.  What good does it do you to have a large number of well-packed and labeled boxes consuming half of your garage?  Belongings that aren't used regularly, become susceptible to infestation of bugs and rodents, rot, mold and mildew and THEY TAKE UP SPACE!  The old adage "Out of sight, out of mind" also applies.  Are you really going to remember what you've packed away?  Are you sure?

Think about you REALLY need to keep everything?  Can you envision what your closets and garage would look like if they were stripped of unnecessary belongings?  Can you imagine what your home would look like without overwhelming clutter?  Would it be more calming and relaxing?

Now that the weather is starting to warm up again, it's the perfect time to rid yourself and your home of things that weigh you down and keep you from functioning at your best. 


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