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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Focus on the future

Children's concept of the future is very limited and they are pretty much focused on right now.  They can be impulsive and short-sighted.  Because of that, it's up to us to help them see how their decisions NOW will affect their future LATER.

Although this is true in every aspect of life, it is especially obvious when it comes to education.  Even though YOU know that good grades and study skills are important and will be necessary for whatever profession your child chooses to pursue, your child is only thinking that homework is an inconvenience and is keeping him from what he really wants to do...whether that's playing video games or whatever.  He doesn't realize that what he is doing now is building a foundation for future opportunities.  He's not going to appreciate you reminding him of his responsibility to his schoolwork but you understand the importance of it so you help him "adjust" his priorities and encourage him and give him as many opportunities as possible so his options won't be limited.

We are important in the lives of our children.  Our knowledge and understanding of consequences based on our experience can be used to help them avoid much disappointment and be prepared for anything they want to do in the future. 


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