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Monday, April 22, 2013

Even Mom's have limits

You've heard the comment, "She's reached her limit."  You've seen it in your own life...the kids have been whining and nagging all day and all of a sudden, you lash out in frustration.  Or Daddy is driving through rush hour traffic and yet another car cuts him off and out pops a string of expletives.  Oops!  I guess he reached his limit!

We all have limits.  Limits are good.  They define how you treat other people and how you let them treat you.  They create boundaries from which you live your life.  Without limits, we would be subject to every stress and frustration that enters our life.

Do you know your limits?  Do you know the triggers that cause you to lose your cool?  Some of the more common ones are being tired (aren't we all?), hungry, or overwhelmed, crowds, being in an unfamiliar place, certain people or events.

When you are able to identify the things that cause you to reach your breaking point, you can take steps to eliminate them or lessen their impact.  You can be proactive rather than reactive.  You can anticipate situations and prepare for them.

No one wants to be out of control, especially towards loved ones.  It happens.  But having an awareness of how you react at certain times and in certain circumstances will go a long way towards helping you change those destructive patterns and replacing them with more appropriate behaviors.


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