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Friday, April 19, 2013

The big food experiment - Part 2

After my husband had a heart attack (at the age of 42), I really wanted to change the way we were eating.  You know, cut down on fat, sugar and other unhealthy things.  So, I got all kinds of cookbooks and experimented with new recipes and substitutions.  Unfortunately, even though I was trying hard, my husband just wasn't into it.  I did succeed in making several changes in our diet but they weren't enough to make a difference in my husband's weight or overall health.  In fact, he was soon diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as well.

Then a month ago, he heard about a diet that his mother was on and something clicked.  He thought it sounded doable and wanted to give it a try.  (It's based on cutting out grains, dairy and meat and increasing beans, nuts and fresh produce.)  I  wrote a blog post about it March 18, 2013.

We are generating a TON of compost!
Do you know how hard it is to change habits that you've been used to for more years than I care to admit?  I'm having to learn new techniques and ways of preparing food.  I'm trying to figure out how to keep our meals balanced.  And I'm trying to use up the fresh stuff before it spoils!  Not an easy task!  I've learned I don't like broccoli in smoothies (yucky texture!) but adding raw spinach doesn't affect the taste or texture at all.   Protein powder adds smoothness and sweetness so it's kinda cheating but oh well.  I learned that hummus is pretty good.  I can say now that soy milk (Silk) isn't bad.  Most of all, I have learned that adding more vegetables and cutting out meat in a diet isn't as hard as I thought.

It's been a month since the grand experiment and my husband has lost 10+ pounds and his diabetes is showing signs of improvement.  I admit...I still eat bread products and I have a stash of chocolate when I get desperate  :)  Hey, a wife can only go so far...


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