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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Teach your children well

It really is satisfying to learn how to stretch your money to meet the needs of your family.  Think of all the skills you have learned to save money on food, clothes, entertainment, education, and all the other household expenses you incur.  So, the question is...have you taught your kids any of those skills?

Young children don't need to know the details of your household budget or if you're having financial difficulties.  They need to feel secure and safe.  But you can teach them that we can't buy whatever we want and we won't buy everything they want.  We can teach them about saving money to buy something special.  We can teach them about treating their belongings well.

Older children can be included in more of the family finances.  They can be taught how to make simple, economical and healthy meals.  They can learn how to earn money by taking on small jobs at home and in the neighborhood.  They can be encouraged to save.  They can be taught how to compare prices (especially when it comes to clothes, toys and entertainment).

Hopefully, teenagers have learned all of the above.  In addition, this is the time to make sure they know how to work, giving their best and being dependable.  They should know how to budget their money, saving some for long term goals.  They should be able to make simple household repairs.  They should know how to make responsible decisions.

Everything you have learned would be very helpful for your children to know too.  It does them no good to leave the home after high school without the skills and knowledge necessary to live on their own.  You can't pay for their living forever. Teach them while they are young and as they grow and you will be giving them a priceless gift.


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