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Friday, May 4, 2012

Family Focus Friday-Puzzle Pieces

A family is like a puzzle.  It is made up of many different parts, each a different size and shape.  Each is important to the complete picture, none is insignificant.  Even the smallest piece is needed.  Have you ever seen a puzzle where just one piece is missing?  It leaves a glaring hole in the picture.  We don't want that with our family.  We want a beautiful, complete picture!

In my family, we often used the puzzle piece analogy to stress the importance of each and every member of the family.  All the individual characteristics that each child and parent brings into the family make us the unique family unit that we are.

Your family might consist of many pieces or just a few.  It doesn't matter how many pieces there are.  What matters is that there is a special place for each one.


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