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Monday, May 28, 2012

Yay for Monday!

My friends think I'm weird but I love Monday.  My weekends are always too hectic and tiring!  To me Monday represents the beginning of a new week and an opportunity for a fresh start.  And it's not like New Year's resolutions which only happen once a year (and are forgotten a few days later).  It's 52 weeks of new beginnings.  If you want to start a new routine with the children or for yourself, today is the perfect day to take those first steps!  If you have a project you've been thinking of working on, how about starting today?  If you have a resolve to get your life back in order, what better time than now?  No matter how hard last week was or how disappointed you feel for falling back into old habits,  you can always begin again.  Don't despair over things you have no control over but learn from them and change what needs to be changed to make things better.  It's a great feeling!


  1. that you mention it, I usually wait until Monday, the beginning of a new week, to start something new.

  2. So, now you can love Mondays too!