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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - kids

Kids are messy.  We all know that.  Messy is its place.  We wouldn't want to inhibit our kid's  curiosity and creativity but maybe we can have certain areas where certain things are played with, hopefully someplace easy to clean.  And, when they're finished playing, you might want to put the paints, playdough, glue sticks, and moon sand waaaay up high somewhere where they can't get into it whenever they want.  It's hard enough to keep a house clean but we don't have to make it harder on ourselves than absolutely necessary!

And another thing...teaching kids to keep food in the kitchen (or dining room, or wherever they eat) will help considerably in cleaning up after them.  There's no reason for the remnants of fossilized food and drink to leave their mark on your carpet, furniture, and walls.  Maybe husbands should be taught to eat in the kitchen too!


  1. But Mom...if we didn't eat food outside of the kitchen/dining room, we wouldn't have sources of food for midnight snacks!!!

  2. You were very creative stashing food in your youth...does the goat barn stir any memories? :)