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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - The Bathroom

If there's one room in the house that needs to be tidy and organized and clean it's the bathroom.  For such a small room, it sure collects a lot of clutter, excess stuff and yucky germs.  But, because it's such a small room, cleaning it up shouldn't be a huge project (unless your bathroom is the size of a normal bedroom!).  So, where to begin...

As with every other cleaning project, you should always start with decluttering.  Throw out anything that is expired, no longer used by anyone, obvious trash and broken items.

Gather things that don't belong in the bathroom and return them to their rightful home.  If you have many people using a particular bathroom, consider having them store their towels in their own room.

Empty every drawer (one at a time), clean it, and return the contents...but only those things that really need to be there.   Use drawer dividers to separate all the little stuff.  Small plastic containers work really well too.

The medicine cabinet - I can't understand why there is always a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  Medications are affected by heat and humidity - all in great abundance in the average bathroom.  If possible, find an alternate place to store medications.  Anyway, clean it out and find something useful to put in it - maybe first aid supplies or hair accessories?

Try to keep the bathroom counter free of excess stuff.  If you have to keep the bathroom clean, you may as well make it easier on yourself by having a clear surface to clean.

Do you really need all the cute little accessories?  Streamline as much as possible.  Consider hanging toothbrushes on a rack, rather than storing them in a cup or holder.  Have you looked inside that cup or holder recently?  Ugh!  And that soap dish?  Do you like cleaning soap scum?  Exchange it for a liquid soap dispenser.

In a bathroom shared by children, try not to have anything breakable in the room.  Cleaning up shards of broken glass is not fun!

And of course, teach your children how to clean a bathroom and share the experience with them.  After all, they use it too  :)


  1. I had to look around for a suction cup toothbrush holder (Bed Bath and Beyond was a major disappointment!). I found the perfect one at Wal-mart for just under $3. So worth it!!! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Thank you for mentioning where you got it! That's where I got ours.

  3. There should be limited things stored in a bathroom .. as you have mentioned medicine cabinet can be stored some other place as well. Cleanliness is very much required at such place .. Small plastic containers work really well too .. Also its better to replace broken items stored in bathroom asap to keep it clean and tidy

    1. I agree! Let the bathroom be the clean and functional place it is meant to be. Thanks for the comment!