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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thrifty Thursday- Thrift Store Shopping

I'm changing Frugal Friday to Thrifty Thursday so I can do something else on Friday.  It's kinda fun to come up with a topic for each day of the week.

I love shopping at thrift stores.  I love a good bargain and love to explore the unique offerings found in second hand stores.  With the popularity of craigslist and ebay (you are competing with people who look for and sell used goods), it's sometimes harder to find the amazing bargain but it's still possible.  Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your shopping experience. 

Know what the current styles are.  Go to the mall and take note of the newest colors and styles.  Check out the general price range for the types of clothing and other items you are looking for.

While you're at home, get a pair of pants that fit you well and hold them snugly against you.  Pretend that you are considering buying them.  See how they fit around the hips and waist.  Check the length.  You are doing this so when you go to a thrift store that doesn't allow trying things on, you can aim for a similar fit as the pants you already have and know fits.  It's an easy form of measuring.  Do the same with dresses, blouses and sweaters.  Most of the time there are dressing rooms but my favorite thrift store doesn't have them.

Remember that sizes are not standard.  When shopping, look at sizes larger and smaller than your own or your children.  It's fit that matters, not size.

Concentrate on quality, not quantity.  Often name brands are made with higher quality materials and construction and they're usually the same price as the lesser brands.

Check closely for flaws, stains, broken or missing fasteners.  Some things can be repaired.  Some things aren't worth it.  You have to decide.

 Don't buy something just because it's cheap.  It's better to have a small wardrobe of good quality things you love and use than an overwhelming amount of miscellaneous clothes.  The same is true for your children.  Don't overwhelm them with too many clothes.  Most of us can wash clothes at least once a week so we really don't need that many clothes for every day wear.

Go to the thrift store often.  Selection changes daily. 

Thrift store shopping is an adventure.  You'd be surprised how many people shop there!


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