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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moms need other moms

In the olden days (like pre 1990's) mothers regularly got together with other mothers to chat, swap babysitting, share child rearing horror stories and just enjoy the companionship of each other.  This was when most women stayed home with their children while their husbands worked.  Activities were often during the day and mothers had a built in support structure of peers.

I miss those days.  I really think women need other women friends, people they can relate to and who can relate to them and their lifestyle.  Sometimes mothers who stay at home feel isolated or lonely without that kind of companionship.  In a way, I think the explosion of mommy blogs and social sites like Facebook are an attempt to address this need.  You can develop "friends" through your blog and see that others are going through similar experiences and share ideas with them.  Facebook connects you with friends far and near so even at 3 am, you can usually connect with someone you know who can't sleep either.  It's an amazing world and I am grateful for the technology that makes it possible to be in touch with so many friends and family.

But I'm especially grateful for the friends who live close by who I can call up anytime and share my woes with and who will give me a big hug when things are going rough.  And I'm glad to do the same for them.  Those special friends are a treasure.


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