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Saturday, May 26, 2012


If you don't already have a pet, sooner or later your child is going to want one.  Before you rush over to the animal shelter or pet store, consider the following -
1. Who is actually going to take care of it? 
2. How much space do you have?  
3. Can you commit to this animal for the rest of its life?
4. Have you thought out what would be the best animal for your family?  Consider the ages of your children and the temperament of the animal you are thinking about.  Your children's safety is top priority here!  Maybe that exotic python isn't the best choice  :)

It's true that a dog or cat can be a well-loved member of the family but be sure you know the responsibilities that go with it and are willing to keep it happy and healthy.  Even though you think having a pet will teach your child responsibility, you'll still have to follow up and see that its needs are met. Kids can be forgetful.

Oh, and be a responsible owner too and make sure your dog or cat is neutered!