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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Alternative to Fast Food

Taking eight kids on a trip was an adventure in itself and feeding all ten of us on the road could have been quite expensive except we never stopped at fast food restaurants.  No, we didn't pack sack lunches for everyone...that would be boring (knowing my lack of creativity in the sack lunch category).  We just headed for the nearest grocery store in whatever city we happened to be in.  Even the smallest town has a grocery store and you can make some pretty healthy, filling meals for very little cost.  The usual choice of the kids was bagels and cream cheese or fresh baked rolls with deli meat and cheese, yogurt, fruit, cookies and bottled water.  We tried to stay away from anything super messy or hard to eat.  If the weather was nice, we'd look for a park to have our picnic lunch and stretch our legs.  It was sure better than the greasy, fat and sodium laden offerings that the local fast food restaurant offered. 

I know this is such a small suggestion but my grown kids still would rather eat this way on a trip than go to ...


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