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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just when we think everything is going well, something unexpected happens.  Whether it's something big like a job change, a move, a pregnancy, or an illness or even something smaller like a dinner that burns, a backed up toilet, a cancelled appointment, kid problems at school or an unexpected visitor, we learn quickly that adapting to situations is going to be an important part of being a wife and mother.   It does us no good to wring our hands and complain or worry about any situation.  It only adds to the problem.

Several years ago, a friend taught me a lesson I'll never forget.  She was the president of the local children's church organization (Primary) and I was her counselor. I was young and stressed out over any change of plan or problem.  She was always calm and laid-back, even in the midst of a crisis.  She introduced me to the concept of Plan B.  Whatever happened, she always had a solution in her head in case the original plan fell through.  I know it's not a new concept but it was new to me at the time and it changed the way I looked at things.   There's always a Plan B to any problem or challenge.  We don't need to stress.  Plan B might even end up better in the long run.  It doesn't matter.  Being able to adapt is what will make the difference between a temporary disruption and a full blown crisis.  It's worth the effort!

Remember that the tree that doesn't bend will eventually break. 


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