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Monday, September 10, 2012


Would you believe that Christmas is only a little over three months away?  I know, I just made your day, right?  Bear with me...if you do a little planning and preparation over the next couple of months, you will actually be able to enjoy the festivities of December.

In my family, we treat gift giving for Christmas and birthday's differently.  Birthday's are personal and individual so gifts are chosen with the specific birthday person in mind.  Christmases are family affairs so we focus on family gifts...something the whole family enjoys or benefits from.  I usually come up with a theme each year to keep me focused.

Here are a few ideas for themed gifts -
1.  A bookish Christmas.  This years theme.   Everyone is getting books.
2.  The Night Before Christmas.  Everyone gets jammies, slippers, pillows etc.
3.  A Homemade Christmas.  Everything is homemade.
4.  Snowed in.  Gifts are emergency supplies, candles, blankets etc.
5.  Skipping Christmas.  Get away to a cabin in the mountains or beach as Christmas gift.
6.  There's no Monopoly on Life.  Games of all sorts for everyone.
7.  Fun all year long.  Annual passes to museums, gyms, zoos etc.
8.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Focus is on giving service throughout the season.
9.  Roughing it.  Camping theme - tents, sleeping bags, flash lights, other equipment.
10. Christmas around the World - Pick a country and base food and gifts on that particular culture.

These are just a few ideas.  I'd love to hear some other ideas.  If you have any, please share them!


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