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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The further adventures of Chuck

Chuck (name changed, as usual) is my four year old grandson.  He's one of the sweetest, brightest kids...and also one of the most stubborn and intense kids I know.  When he doesn't want to do something, watch out.

So...when Chuck was about two, he had separation issues when he came to visit me.  He'd throw the usual tantrum, screaming and kicking, making it hard for his parents to leave for a much needed break.  Of course, after they were gone, he was fine.  I found that when I distracted him and had him run upstairs to wave bye bye to his parents from the front window, he'd stop crying and wave happily to his relieved parents as they drove away.

I love the little guy!
All was well until about six months ago.  He was fine leaving his parents- by then the routine of running to the front window to wave bye bye had become the habit of him and his younger sister.   The problem became leaving my home when his parents came to pick him up.  The same thing...kicking, screaming, refusal to leave, etc.  It wasn't fun trying to get a kicking, squirming, hitting, scratching little guy into his car seat and then going back in the house to get little sister and baby sister buckled up too.  Time to try something new. When his mom came to pick him up the last time, I asked her if we could put the little girls in the car first.  Chuck was doing his tantrum thing in the house but the girls went peacefully to the car.  Now, to see if my idea would work.  I knelt down beside Chuck and told him that if he got into his car seat, I'd run upstairs and wave bye bye to him from the front window.  He stopped crying, ran to the car and his mother quickly strapped him in his seat.  He happily waved to me as I waved from the window and they drove out of sight.  Could it really be that easy?

Sometimes it is.  Most problems have a solution just have to find it.


  1. That is the best story! After taking care of 2 small grandchildren for the past 5 years, I agree that success often comes from trying to think like they do. You made a little boy very happy.

    1. I bet you have some fun stories of your own that you could share :)

  2. Clever. Good problem solving, Laura!

    1. That little guy keeps me on my toes :) I think I've met my match!