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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Can you believe it's almost officially Fall?  I will say I'll miss Summer but Fall is such a beautiful time of year and there's so much to do as the weather cools down.

Here are some ideas for your Fall Bucket List -

1.  Take the family on one more hike and/or campout.
2.  Get your yard and garden ready for its winter nap.
3.  Gather leaves and make leaf prints with the kids.
4.  Find the biggest, bestest pumpkin.  Don't carve it yet though!
5.  Go to a Corn Maze.
6.  Pick apples.
7.  Make apple pies.
8.  Plan and make Halloween costumes.
9.  Start preparing your home for the holidays.
10. Take family pictures for Christmas cards.
11. Harvest and preserve fruits and veggies.
12. Winterize your home.
13. Rake leaves and play in the piles.
14. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
15. Go on a picnic.
16. Take the family to a football game.

I love this picture even though it didn't scan very well.  :)


  1. Interesting ideas, but what is YOUR Fall bucket list?

    1. Actually, several on the above list AND remodeling the downstairs. Wanna help?