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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kids grow up :)

This evening I was visiting with two of my daughters and one of their good friends and I asked them what I should write about in my blog today.  Michelle (name changed, of course) immediately said she knew exactly what I should talk about...accepting that kids grow up and not bringing up embarrassing stories from their childhood.  She raises a good point.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that your teenagers are growing up and are no longer little children.  They should be given increased responsibility as they show they can handle it.  They need to have opportunities to make their own decisions.  The teenage years are a time of transition not only for them but for you.  Your relationship will change...hopefully for the best as they grow and mature into adults.  You can make a big difference in how hard or easy that transition is.

Along with this, you may have numerous embarrassing and/or blackmail-worthy stories or pictures of your children.  Try not to share them  :)  I know it's hard not to but if you want to maintain a good relationship with your teenager, you won't do it.  Any "interesting" stories are best left to your son or daughter to share with others.  If you feel like telling a story, ask yourself if you'd want that story told if it were about you.

The teenage years are some of the most challenging yet enjoyable years you will have with your children.   They're growing up.  This is good. 

This post is for you, Michelle   :)


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