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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - Who's job is it to clean, anyway?

I think it's a well known fact that a mom can do a better and quicker job at cleaning a house than her children.  And yet, she prods, fights, and nags her kids to help clean up after themselves and contribute to the workload.  If she really wanted something done, she'd do it herself or hire a housekeeper to do it.  But, the purpose of having kids help around the house is not for her.  No way.  It's for them.

Habits are formed over time and learning new skills takes time too.  Children need this education.  They need to know that Mom is a person, not their personal slave.  They need to know that it takes work to run a home and they can either make that work easier or harder, based on their cooperation or carelessness.  Even young children can contribute.

It might seem easier to do all the housework yourself (and it IS in the short run) but you're doing your children no favors in the long run.   The day will come when they have to take care of their own belongings and living space and they will be so much better off if they are prepared for it.

She's learning early!

 It's still nice to dream about a housekeeper though  :)


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