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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's cooking? Wednesday - Celebrate!

These Oreo tiny cakes are great when you just want to tell your child (or husband!) that you appreciate them, you're proud of them, or that you love them!  Life's little accomplishments and successes should be celebrated!

I came across this idea several years ago in the American Girl book, Tiny Treats.

Oreo Tiny Cakes

For each cake you need two Oreo cookies any flavor, frosting and whatever decorations you want.

Stack two Oreo cookies with a layer of frosting between.  Frost sides and top.  Decorate.
That's it!

Happy Autumn!
I used cake tattoos to decorate this little cake. 

Oh, just for your information... homemade frosting works better than canned.  Canned frosting tends to stay slippery and sticky longer so the little cakes tend to slip around and the piping doesn't hold its shape.  Today I used canned because I happened to have a can and wanted to use it up.  Should have made the frosting...


  1. How fun! I think we will make some of these as a treat to celebrate the good grades that came in this week :)

    1. That is definitely worth celebrating! Congrats to the kids!