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Monday, September 3, 2012


There are some things that kids seem oblivious to or just don't care about.  One of those things is hygiene.  Some kids will wear the same clothes day and night if you let them (especially underwear!).  Some kids will go days without bathing or showering.  And teeth?  You'd think they'd notice the furry stuff growing around the edges of their teeth but somehow, they don't.  So, it is up to you, dear mothers to see to it that your children are showered, teeth brushed, and cleanly dressed every day before they go to school, church, preschool, or anywhere in public.  It is such a subtle yet obvious thing that affects how they will be accepted by their peers and treated by adults. 

If you ever sat next to someone who didn't follow basic hygiene rules, you know what I'm talking about.  It's not pleasant.  

Teach your kids very early on the importance of being clean.  Help them learn the techniques of brushing teeth and cleaning all the parts of their bodies.  Be sure that they have clean clothes to wear and don't let them out of the house until they are truly ready to face the public.  No negotiating here!


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