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Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby chicks

You have probably heard the story of the young boy who was watching an egg hatch.  It looked like such hard work for the little chick, slowly widening the crack and chipping its way out. The boy only wanted to help so he carefully removed the shell from the struggling chick, only to find that by doing so, the chick died.  Now, I don't know if that really would happen but it makes a good point anyway.

It's hard to watch our little children (and big ones) struggle and go through hard times and all we want to do is step in and make things easier on them.  We forget that sometimes the hard lesson is necessary to help them grow stronger.  We don't do them any favors by taking away those growth experiences.  They need them just as much as we need painful experiences in our lives to teach us valuable lessons.

Some times we have to intervene (like in areas of safety) but other times maybe we shouldn't be so quick to fix things.  We might be surprised at how resourceful and strong our kids are.


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