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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Children are like camels

Children are like camels...
There once was an Arab who was crossing the desert with his camel.  When night came, the man set his tent and prepared for sleep.  It was a cold night and the camel pushed his nose into the opening of the tent and asked the man if he could warm his nose in the tent.  The man agreed (because he was a nice man).  It wasn't long before the camel put his forelegs in the tent too because it wasn't comfortable with just his nose in.  And again, the man agreed to accommodate the camel's request.  Then came the shoulders.  Soon, the camel managed to wiggle his whole body in the tent and the poor Arab realized he was outside his tent while his camel was warm and toasty inside his tent.

Moral of the story...small, seemingly insignificant acts can result in big consequences.


  1. Cute camel pic! I like how you mentioned that the Arab is a nice man...a lot of times it's our best intentions that cause us to make those small choices that result in big consequences.

    1. I know. We really DO want to be nice but sometimes that's not what is best.

  2. Watch out...they spit!