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Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I wish I'd known when I had my first baby

Nothing changes your life like a newborn baby.  For the first time, you are totally responsible for someone other than yourself and that is an intimidating realization.  Most of us go into this awesome responsibility pretty clueless and I was no exception :)  Here are some of the things I learned very quickly -

1. Babies cry.
2. Babies don't need most of the gimmicks and gadgets advertised in stores.  Their needs are pretty basic.
3. Breastfeeding doesn't come naturally!!!
4. Eat healthy and drink lots of liquid.
5. Sleep when Baby sleeps.
6. Your baby will eventually sleep through the night.
7. Always bring several diapers, wipes and changes of clothing whenever you go out with Baby.
8. You're going to be changing Baby a lot!  Forget about fussy and complicated clothes- easy access is most important.
9. Accept help.

10. Don't forget about your husband!
11. It won't be long before you develop a new routine with your new little family.
12.  You will fall in love with this little person and her first smile will melt your heart.


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