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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pity Party

Everyone deserves an occasional pity party, even if things are generally going pretty well.  I don't know what it is...hormones?, the weather?, the cycles of the moon or some cosmic event?, or plain old overload, sometimes you just feel sorry for yourself.  That's ok.  We all feel that way.

The other day I was having one of those not-so-good days and I told my husband about it that night.  He quietly listened while I told him all my troubles and then was silent after I finished.  I waited another minute or two and then said that now was the time for him to reassure me and tell me that everything will be ok and I am doing good etc...  He laughed and repeated what I told him to say.  I felt better  :)


  1. A good ol' pity party never hurt anybody. Good thing Daddy knows exactly what to say in those situations... ;-)

  2. It's even better that Mom is patient enough to give him the script :-)

    1. It took me a looooong time to figure that out :)