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Monday, June 18, 2012

Funny things kids say

Kids do and say funny things.  When they do something memorable, we laugh and think we'll remember the story.  News flash - we don't.  I wish I'd written down more of my kid's funny stories from when they were small.  You might want to keep a notebook just to jot down the silly and crazy things they say and do...makes good blackmail material too later on!  :)

For a very short time, I did that and here's an example, dated April 16, 19**.  The daughter in the story was three at the time.  "We were driving down the highway, past a field that had become a large pond because of heavy rains recently.  As we drove past, M said excitedly, 'There's a cute daddy and mommy in the pond!'  Because I was driving and couldn't look to see, I asked, "What are they doing?"  Her response startled me.  'Taking a bath!'.  It took me a few seconds to realize that what she had seen were cute daddy and mommy...ducks."

Another one, December 13, 19**.  "After a 24 hour power outage, the lights went back on.  K (age three) noticed the light on in her room.  She came running out and said, 'Oh wow!  The power of God turned on the light!'"

I love my kids!


  1. What the heck! These stories are awesome! Do you have any others?!? :-)

    1. Alas, only a few...I thought you'd like them :)

  2. I wanna see this notebook...what blackmail stuff do you have on me???

  3. Gotta have something to tease them with as teenagers when being 'cool' matters.