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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How not to have an unexpected home birth

This post is in honor of my second child (whose birthday is today), who made his entrance in a most unusual the bathroom of our apartment.

How not to have an unexpected home birth -
1. When the doctor says that labor the second time should be about 1/2 the duration of the first labor, realize that this is just a statistic.  Reality doesn't always mimic statistics.  First time - 22 hours.  Second time - 3 hours.
2. When your water breaks, this is an indication that maybe you should go have things checked out.  Don't wait until contractions become regular.
3. Sometimes contractions never become regular.  More intense, yes.  Regular, not necessarily.
4. When you feel a great desire to go to the bathroom, it might be too late.  It WAS too late.
5. Calling the doctor during the actual birth will not make the doctor happy.  Well, I wasn't too happy with him either!

Thankfully, everything turned out fine and Baby was healthy and happy...and all my subsequent babies were born in the hospital  :)


  1. I guess I was something of a big turd...seems like not much has changed! I'm glad I was your only accidental home delivery!!!

    1. I have never thought of you as a big silly boy!