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Saturday, July 14, 2012

20 ways to build family unity

Developing a strong, united family bond is so important in this crazy world of ours.  If our children don't find acceptance and love at home, they will look elsewhere for it.  Here are some ideas to help build unity within the family.

1. Pray together as a family and for the family every day.
2. Eat at least one meal together daily.
3. Never compare children.
4. Play board games together.
5. Involve everyone in decision making.
6. Find opportunities to serve others.
7. Take up activities that can be done as a hiking, gardening, fishing, frisbee throwing, music
8. Read books out loud to your children every day.
9. Support each other.
10. Develop traditions unique to your family.
11. Praise each member of the family often.
12. Encourage cooperation between children.
13. Rotate chores so everyone learns how to do everything.
14. Set aside time regularly to be together...preferably without electronics  :)
15. Work on a family project.
16. Do not allow belittling, name calling nor teasing between siblings.
17. Communicate.
18. Listen.  Listen.  Listen.
19. Remind them that they are an important part of the family often.
20. Show your love by the way you act.


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