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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - The Garage

I wonder why garages are called garages.  How about Limbo?  or Junk's final resting place?  or The Black Hole?  I suppose there are people who actually use their garages for their cars but by the looks of the open garages I drive by, a home for an automobile is rare.

Today I ventured into my garage with the intent to go through the contents, throw away and get rid of stuff, organize stuff and make room for...more stuff  :)  It's just amazing what lurks in the dark corners of the garage...boxes that haven't been touched since our last move 13 years ago (my husband's), dead computer parts (my husband's), rusting building supplies (my husband's), and unused office equipment (guess whose?)  Those are the things I can't do anything about.  :(  But I can do something about the unused toys and dolls, the fake Christmas tree, and the boxes of old household stuff...all of which I got rid of.  I sorted through the remaining boxes, combined and condensed the stuff I decided to keep and labeled everything so I know where things are. Then I swept off the shelves and the floor.  I cleared out about 30 linear feet of shelf space and have no intention of filling those shelves with anything except real, honest to goodness good stuff.  I'm still not done.  There are boxes of things that I'm not sure what to do with but I'll work on that tomorrow.  The Black Hole looks much better already, even though if I had my way, I'd get rid of a whole lot more.  Oh well...


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