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Monday, July 23, 2012


Secure in her mother's arms
Having a sense of security is an important basic need for everyone.  We all want to be secure in our homes, our relationships and in our life experiences.  Think of a newborn baby.   She is most comfortable being swaddled or snugly wrapped and held close.  Why?  Because she feels warm and loved and secure.  As Baby gets older, she still needs to feel that sense of security if she is going to venture beyond Mommy's lap.  She needs to know that Mommy will be there for her and will protect her from danger, either real or imagined. 

One of our responsibilities as mothers is to provide that secure family environment where our kids can feel safe and loved.  We can only protect them so long before they have to go out into the world and experience the challenges and opportunities that are there for them to learn from.  We can't shield them from many things but we can be available to encourage and comfort and support them.  Our homes can truly be a refuge from the cares of the world for our family.