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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - Board games

 Board games can be a real pain to keep organized.  They come in flimsy boxes that fall apart, and the pieces easily get lost.  So, then you end up with a bunch of game boxes that don't stack well any more and you can't find the pieces and the instructions are nowhere to be found.

Our family went through the above frustrations with our large collection of games.  It wasn't a pretty sight...until we finally decided to throw away the boxes and organize the games by category and put them in large Rubbermaid containers.  If the instructions were printed on the inside of the cardboard box, we cut them out and added them to the container.  Small pieces were put in Ziploc bags or in smaller plastic containers.  Now all the games stack neatly on shelves, the pieces are together and the games are easy to get to.  So easy.  Why didn't we do it sooner!


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