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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Basic skills

When I was a young mother, I made most of my kid's clothes.  My friends did the same and we weren't in the minority.  Schools taught home economics and girls graduated from high school knowing how to sew and how to cook from scratch, whether they wanted to or not.  It was part of the required school curriculum, just as auto shop and wood shop were required for the boys.  I know that that is considered sexist today but those are still worthwhile skills to know...for all kids.  I know  I wish I'd had the option to take auto shop and wood shop back then!  

Even though those classes aren't required in the public schools any more, doesn't mean that your children don't need to learn them.  And while sewing your own clothes is no longer cost effective (it's less expensive to buy most clothes), most people at one time or another need to know how to sew a hem, or mend a rip or replace buttons.  Do your teenagers know how to do that?  It might be a worthwhile summer project  :)

His daddy taught him well!
And cooking...the first thing I learned how to make in junior high was biscuits.  Not from Bisquick or Krusteaz but from flour, shortening, salt and milk.  How novel!  There are a few basic things kids should know how to make before they venture out into the world on their own.  Let's meat and poultry so no one dies from food poisoning,  how to cook different veggies (we want them to be healthy, right?), making different kinds of eggs, cooking pasta, rice and potatoes, and of course, cakes, cookies and pies.  Unlike sewing, it's still cheaper to make meals from scratch than it is to buy them frozen or microwaveable or from a restaurant.  Some might even say they taste better too!

You will be giving your children (both boys and girls) a great gift if you teach them basic home economics and maintenance skills as they are growing up.


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