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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kids aren't miniature adults!

Little imp!
Children aren't just little adults.  Sure, we all know that but how many times do you see people treat them as they would an adult?  Children need more sleep than adults.  So, why do parents keep their kids up late, forgo naps and then wonder why their kids are so unmanageable?  Children need well balanced, healthy meals to give their bodies the nutrients they need to grow.  So, why do parents feed their kids junk food?  Children are trusting.  So, why do people take advantage of that trust?  Children's brains take time to develop so why try to reason with them as an adult?  Children have a lot of energy.  Why do people expect them to be able to sit still for long periods of time (or even short periods of time)?  And let's talk about clothes.  Why do some moms dress children to look like little adults (and not very modest ones at that!)?  

Are your expectations realistic?  Please don't rush your kids.  Enjoy them and the things they do.  Let them be children and they will grow into well adjusted adults when the time is right. 


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