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Monday, October 8, 2012


It seems like everyone has a social cause they are passionate about.  I want to start a crusade about civility.   I'm just kidding but really, where has civility gone?   I've spent the last week in another state visiting one of my daughters and it's been interesting to watch how people act towards one another.   While shopping, I've observed really crabby customers and some not so nice store employees.  Is everyone so busy and frazzled that they can't show a little kindness to another person?  And driving?  Wow!  Talk about lack of civility!  I've never seen so many people cut off other drivers, tailgate, refuse to yield to incoming traffic and offer choice gestures to their fellow travelers (not at me, of course!).

Yes, there were also very nice people I encountered but for some reason, the rude, unkind ones were glaringly obvious.  It got me thinking about what would it be like if more people stopped long enough to smile or say thank you or help someone in need.  Would it hurt to yield to a car trying to merge onto a freeway?   Our lives are hectic and chaotic but a smile doesn't take any extra time or effort nor does looking at a cashier and telling her "thank you".  You might make someone's day brighter.  And it makes you feel good too!


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