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Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's the little things...

Like many of you, I love to look at Pinterest.  There are so many clever ideas.  It's amazing how creative some people can be!  It can also be a little intimidating, seeing elaborate themed birthday parties, special date night ideas, feasts fit for a king, and craft ideas any princess would love. 

When comparing these fantastic creations and ideas against the things you do for your family, don't dismiss the little things you do every day.  It's surprising what a powerful influence just a little gesture can make.

It's the little things...
A note in a lunch, a fun size candy bar on a bed, a single rose, a warmed towel after a shower, a backrub, a fresh baked cinnamon roll, a hug after school, a favorite bedtime many things can be done to show your love for your husband and children.  Believe me, they will be remembered.

So, while the big things can be exciting every once in a while, don't forget the little things.  Little things add up!


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