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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Launching Pad

Every home needs a launching pad.  It doesn't matter if you have a large entry, a mudroom, or just a front or back door, you need a place where thing gets dropped off as family members come into the house and get picked up as they leave.   It's useful to have a row of hooks to hang coats, hats and umbrellas as well as a flat surface (either a narrow table or bench) to put backpacks, lunches, keys, purses and the rest of the stuff you don't want to forget or lose.  If you have room, it's also nice to have a place to leave shoes as you come in the door.  Your flooring stays cleaner that way too.

Life can be pretty chaotic with the normal comings and goings of your average busy family and you don't have to make it harder on yourself by misplacing keys, purses and other things.  And if kids have a place to put their backpacks and other school stuff (and if they regularly put them there!), they are more likely to remember to take them as they leave in the morning.  The result?  A little less stress to begin the day.  Totally worth it!


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