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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Review your policies

It's amazing how much of our income is tied up in things like insurance policies, bank accounts, and necessary services.  If you're like me, you sign up with a provider and promptly forget about it (except to notice each month that these services are taking up a larger proportion of our money). 

What we forget is that companies often change their offerings.  Technology improves, new services are introduced, needs change.  Which means that periodically we should review our policies with a representative of each company we deal with to make sure we are getting the best service for our money.

You might find that you are paying too much money for something like your cable or cell phone service.  You might find that your insurance company offers discounts that you weren't aware of.  Your bank might still be charging you for monthly fees.  These things add up!  You might also find that another company will provide better services than the one you are currently working with.  I know, it takes time and effort to research these things.  But it doesn't hurt to find out and it might just save you lots of money! 


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