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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - Denial

I admit, I do love the show Hoarders.  It always amazes me how people can live in such horrible conditions and think nothing of it.  Among other things, they all suffer from denial...denial that there is anything wrong in their lives or living conditions. 

It's easy to get used to things we see every day until we are hardly aware of them.  Here's a little experiment.  Imagine you are your critical Great Aunt Bertha coming to visit.  Look around with Bertha's eyes.  What do you see?  I see a pair of socks and a throw pillow on the floor, the breakfast dishes still in the sink and a few cobwebs on the ceiling (hey, it's Halloween decorations!).  These things take less than one minute to take care of.  Of course, if I knew Great Aunt Bertha were coming, I'd do a quick pick up around the house.  But it's still interesting to see your home and property from the eyes of someone else. 

A month or so ago, my insurance company sent a letter saying that as part of their periodic policy review, they were sending someone over to take a few pictures of the outside of our home.  Believe me, I went outside and looked around as if I were the photographer.  Nothing was amiss but I made sure that the front porch and deck were swept and my husband's tools were put away.  What did you leave outside?  Are there toys all over the yard?  Are the trash cans put away?  Does your house look loved? 

Our families are worth a comfortable, well loved and well taken care of home.  Not a sterile showpiece for a magazine cover where you are afraid to even sit down, but a place that says "Welcome, come in and relax."  


  1. Wow...the tables are now turned? Dad doesn't have anyone to leave his tools out for him, so he's leaving tools out now? Maybe he needs to go chop blackberries for a few hours!

  2. David, Dad has always left his tools out :) I doubt if he'd go chop blackberries but you're welcome to any time!