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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's cooking? Wednesday - Lentil and Ham Soup

Today seemed like the perfect day for a warm bowl of soup and cornbread.  It has been a long time since I've made Lentil Soup so that's what's cooking tonight.  Lentils are a wonderful source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  They are also extremely inexpensive and are quick cooking (for a legume).

Lentil and Ham Soup

7-8 c. water
2 c. dried lentils
2 t. chicken soup base or 2 chicken bouillon cubes
1/2 t. pepper
1 onion, cut into small pieces
2 c. chopped carrots
4 celery stalks, chopped
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes (not drained)
2 c. ham, cubed
1 t. salt (optional)

Combine water and lentils in large pot.  Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 15 minutes.  While simmering, add chicken soup base and pepper.  After 15 minutes, add the onion, carrots and celery.  Continue to cook over the stove for another 45 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding more water if it gets too thick.  Add diced tomatoes and ham.  Cook until heated through.  If it tastes too bland, add the additional teaspoon salt.  Top with grated parmesan cheese and serve with warm cornbread.  Enjoy!


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