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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - A learned Skill

If you thought you were doomed to keeping a messy house because you just aren't the organizing kind, there's hope for you!  Organizing isn't an inborn talent, it's a learned skill.  Isn't that nice to know?  :)

So, are you ready to learn a new skill?  Let's compare learning how to get organized with learning how to ride a bike.  Riding a bike looked pretty easy didn't it?  That is, until you actually got on that wobbly two wheeled contraption!  Getting organized looks like a piece of cake too...until you are surrounded with stuff and realize you have no idea where to start.

Why did you get back on that bike?  Determination, a bit of courage and you could just picture yourself riding down the street, your hair streaming behind you, the wind in your face.  That was your motivation.  Why are you trying to get organized?  Can you picture your home, neat and clean and a welcome place for your family and friends?  Are you determined?  Are you ready to make it happen?

When you got that shiny new bicycle, did your dad or sister or someone else help you, hold the bike steady and give you tips on staying on the bike?  Have you asked a trusted friend to help you get organized or give you ideas on how to do it?   Someone who has learned the skill you are trying to learn is an excellent source of helpful advice.

Did you fall off your bike?  Did you get back on?  How many times?  Learning something new means practice and persistence.  Have you tried to get organized?  Did you try again?  What did you do differently?

 Learning a new skill doesn't happen overnight.  It requires determination, persistence and practice.   Getting organized is an ongoing learning process that will evolve as you master new techniques.  The time to start is now and the place to start is in your home.  Visualize what you want to accomplish, make a plan, stick to it, ask for help and don't quit.  Just like you learned how to ride a bike, you can learn how to be organized.  Give yourself a chance  :)


  1. I think I'd rather visualize whirled's a lot easier to do...