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Friday, October 26, 2012

Everyday rituals

No, I'm not referring to animal sacrifice or other weird practices.  :)  I'm talking about the small things your family does every day that help your children feel a sense of belonging and love.   You probably already have several family rituals that you aren't even aware of (but I bet your children are).   Most aren't even planned...they just evolve until they become a unique and personal part of your family.

Reading a story every lunchtime, saying a blessing on the food, kissing an owie to make it better,  waiting up for a teenager, tucking in your kids before turning off the light, saying "I love you" when someone leaves the house, all these are fairly common rituals. 

Have I gotten you thinking yet?  What kind of family rituals are in YOUR family? 


  1. What rituals? I haven't had any since you took down my stone altar in the backyard...

  2. Our dad was from another country and he had many nieces and nephews but they were far away and we only vaguely knew about them. Thanks to their genealogy work, we were discovered! The first time one of them visited one of us (my sister), he said, "God love you" at night before going to bed. And bam! My sister remembered that our dad used to say that, too, the last thing every night. I had forgotten, I suppose because dad's been gone for quite a while. I guess it is one of those phrases like you are talking about - everyone in the family said it, but it fell out of practice in our "lost" branch of the family. I am glad to be reminded! It makes me feel closer to my new relatives. And it makes me feel close to my dad again. :-)

    1. I like that..helps you remember that you are part of a larger family. Sweet or quirky, it's those little things that keep us together :)