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Thursday, April 26, 2012

De-cluttering Part 3 - the kid's room

Another good starting place in your de-cluttering adventure is the children's room.  Children are constantly growing out of their old clothes and are constantly acquiring new stuff.  Chances are good that their room earns the "out-of-control" status fairly often.

The number one suggestion for de-cluttering the room of a preschooler is to do it while your child is not at home.  Not that you're going to get rid of beloved toys and belongings, but sometimes they don't understand that broken toys can't be kept or that their favorite shirt no longer fits.  They haven't developed the ability to reason logically yet.  Because of that, it's easier to make those decisions without help.

For school-age children, I suggest a two step approach.  First, give her advance notice that you're going to help her make it easier for her to keep her room nice.  Make it sound like a positive thing.  Set a date about one week in the future, probably a Saturday.  That way, no surprises.  Maybe she is noticing that you are de-cluttering other parts of the house so it doesn't seem like you're singling out her room to invade.  Then, involve her in the process.  Work together in deciding what goes and what stays.  Teach her about sharing unused things with others not as fortunate.  You might be surprised that she is actually getting rid of more things than you would.  Explain to her by doing this periodically, it gives her more space and makes it easier for her to keep her room clean.

For teenager's rooms, keep the door closed and sigh...  :)


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