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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just wait until she's a teenager!

Into each of our lives comes pivotal moments, experiences that change or reinforce the direction we are traveling.  Some are monumental but others are small, seemingly inconsequential experiences that, only in hindsight, can we see their importance.

One of those moments came for me many years ago during a casual conversation between me and an older lady I knew.  I was holding my sweet little newborn daughter in my arms and this lady came up to me and commented on how beautiful she was and then she said it..."Just wait until she's a teenager!  All teenagers are rebellious and troublemakers!"  I couldn't believe my ears!  She was serious!  It almost sounded like a curse in a fairy tale..."Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will turn into a monster!"  Just like any good queen in the fairy tale, I held my daughter closer and vowed that I would break the horrible curse.  Really though, her words sunk deep in me and I can still remember them and the way they made me feel.  The poor lady who uttered those words, probably had no idea what an impact they would have on me or on my family.

What this lady did was strengthen my resolve to take my role of motherhood seriously.  I knew that the way I treated my children while they were young would impact the people they grew up to be.  I knew I could not be lazy and just assume my kids would turn out ok regardless of what I did.  I was the one who had to teach them values and principles and teach them about choices and consequences.  Other people would have influence over them but during their impressionable first years, it was up to me to set the foundation for their future growth.  As with anything of importance, preventative care is far more desirable than emergency repair!

Mothers, you are important!  Never forget it!


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