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Monday, April 2, 2012

Your childhood family

As you work to build a family with your husband and children, don't forget another set of relationships that need to be strengthened...the families you and your husband came from.  Today I'll talk about your family and tomorrow I'll cover his.

Your parents and siblings can provide a wealth of strength and support as you embark upon new and unfamiliar territory.  Your parents have the advantage of experience and the wisdom of hindsight that can prove helpful and your siblings probably grew up in similar circumstances and understand you better than most people.   It's time to put aside the childhood differences you had with your brothers and sisters and learn to get along with them as friends and peers, because that's what they are (or should be).  Relationships change over the years and you are not children any more.  You need each other.  It's easy to neglect this relationship because you no longer live in the same house so you will have to actively work on maintaining and strengthening these ties with them.  Of all the relationships you develop, the one with the family you grew up in will always be part of your life.  So, forgive each other if necessary for past wrongs and build a new relationship based on your shared experiences and common goals and interests.  Your children will benefit by having loving aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents in their lives.  And your life will be richer for the bond you develop with your brothers, sisters and parents.


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